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Counterwallet is a free web-wallet for Bitcoin and Counterparty Asset , trading on the decentralized exchange , Go to Counterwallet.io select server and click “Create New Wallet”.

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indiesquare Wallet

Indiesquare Wallet the mobile wallet features easy access to Counterparty tokens; sending , receiving and issuing tokens; push notifications; trading on the decentralized exchange, client-side encryption, viewing the token’s value in your local currency, and is completely compatible with Counterwallet.

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Tokenly Pockets

Tokenly Pockets is a free, easy to use, open source Bitcoin wallet that makes it simple to buy, store and use Tokens. Tokenly Pockets runs entirely in your chrome browser and protects your passphrase by never letting it leave your device.

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shapeshift.io Trade Any Leading Blockchain Asset For Any Other. No Account Needed. Buy Coins Instantly , Instant Crypto Conversion. You Can Convert Bitcoin And Altcoin to XCP for trade HMC in Counterparty Decentralized Exchange.

About hommalicoin

HOMMALICOIN (HMC) The World First Organic Rice Backed Digital Asset Base On Bitcoin Blockchain (Counterparty Asset) Created By Rice Farmer in Amnatcharoen Province in Thailand Country.

"Amnatchareon Hommali Organic Rice" is Well Known As The Best Premium Grade Jasmine Rice in Thailand.

No ICO , No Crowd-sale , No Re-Sale , Your Can Get HOMMALICOIN By Order Hommali Rice Product. We Will Pay 1 HOMMALICOIN To Customers For Every 10 Kg Amnatchareon Hommali Rice Buy Order (Eating For Mining) And Your Can Get HOMMALICOIN By Folding@Home Mining (Mining For Eating)

We guarantee 1 HMC is backed by 1 Kg of Amnatchareon Hommali Organic Rice trading on www.facebook.com/Hommalicoin

HOMMALICOIN Holders Will Receive BTC Dividend Based On Profit From Rice Farmer. (Weekly Payout)



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